Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources
Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources

ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Program

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Öğ Ko

The term transact is defined as to carry on or conduct (business, negotiations, activities, etc.) to a conclusion or settlement.
We are no financers and the only place we have seen the word is in "IEE Transactions on ...". There there is settlement.
What kind of agreement/settlement are than we, you and us, supposed to make. Well, we want to transfer what we have learned. We want to see wise and educated men around us. No money, at least for the time being. Just one sided transfer of knowledge.
What you demand is of course up to you. We will settle if you are eager to learn, not "if" but "only if".
You are supposed to contact us if you wish, because you see our work. We have no information about you except for the IP numbers we can obtain if we desire.
Misuse of contact will not be the case is assumed.
One of the reasons you contact us may be to provide us feedback.
Another one may be just to correct an error we have made.
May want to ask a question you could not answer. Easy or hard, you could not answer.

Our contact information is given in the linked page.

We want you to understand and learn math. You do not need to register to this end.
In case the demand for private tutoring exceeds our capacity and we need to hire craft, then we may want you to register and pay a small amount like 10-50 $ yearly, depending on your demand. Our cost/perfor- mance ratio will certainly be very small.
We certainly want you to to help us back via e-mail or our group/blog/forum.

We are ready to tutor you privately (via net) and puplish our contact information here repeatingly :

Our Group: Group (Test-Dr.)
Our Blog: Blog (Test-Dr.)
Our Forum: Forum (Test-Dr.)
Our Associate Site: Associate (Test-Dr.)
Our Skype Name: isoger1
Our Private e-Mail: isoger1@hotmail.com
We do check our mail hourly and we will return whenever we see your mail . The way we do this is to evolve with the time and demand.