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Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources
Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Program

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If the child has visited a nursery or kindergarten , his/her adaptation may be easier. For the children whose both parents are not working and had been quite happy at home, it is usually a burden to be behind the closed doors among strangers for an appreciable amount of time during the day.
Child wants and looks for love, care, and gaming, but this in all countries all over the World mandatory phase of education is the correct way to get prepared to success in contemporary life.
This 5 year term is generally used for reading , writing and and gaining skill in performing simple arithmetic operations. Some basic lingual, scientific and social knowledge is also transferred.
Meanwhile the child's interests and abilities are detected and some special actions may be taken depending on the case.

Case dependancy is mutual. A poor coutry may not afford the costs of special training/education.
4. and 5. GRADES

At this stage, children may have learned to read and write and gained knowledge enough for a starting level of the basic arithmetic operations. He/she may even happen to be a master of basic arithmetic operations..
Beyond everything his skills are seen and some basic decisions may be mutually made about the future prospections.
In underdeveloped countries there may be considerable amount of quality of teaching differences among different schools.
Our efforts are concentrated upun 4th and 5th graders. We try to give them an understanding of soul of the topics in addition to operational skills/activities.

In some countries 6. , 7. and 8. grades are considered as a part of the primary education and is named "second stage".
These grades are considered as part of secondary schhol education within the "junior high schools" in the States and we will keep pace.

In Turkey it is of utmost impotanca because of a GRE like examination.
This exam is used to direct the youngster to a proper high school, proper for his/her mental skills and abilities
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